Think you’re a pro? Well try NetEnt’s Blackjack Pro Series today!

Blackjack Pro Series is one of the finest online blackjack games around. In this blackjack game, Blackjack pays 3 to 2, whilst Insurance (if taken) pays out at 2 to 1. The dealer must always stand on 17 and must draw if 16 and under. The player can choose to wager up to three hands at any one time, though each additional hand costs extra.
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A professional blackjack game with low stakes

Set against a classic green blackjack table, Net Entertainment’s Blackjack Pro Series is the quintessential online Blackjack game. Blackjack Pro Series enables players to play up to three hands at once against the dealer. The rules remain the same as with any typical Blackjack game, and the game utilises superb 3D rendered graphics. All of the typical rules for a game of Blackjack are incorporated into this title.

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Blackjack lovers have a small amount of chips that they can wager with here. The chip values vary from 1, 5 and 10. The lowest stake a player can lay down per hand is 1.00 per hand, whilst at its most expensive, Blackjack Pro Series will set a player back 40.00 a pop.

The rules for this blackjack game are no different than any other blackjack game, really. It is the objective of players to hit the magic number of 21 without going bust, or failing that, to beat the dealer’s hand. The ace counts as a 1 or 11, depending on what you need, and if you go bust (over 21), you are out and lose your bet.

If players don’t find Blackjack Pro Series up to their wagering standards, there is also a high roller version of Blackjack Pro that players can try.
Decent money can be won in the Blackjack Pro Series online casino table game...