Pick a winning hand from Blackjack Players Choice classic

Take the easy road to winning at 21 with the Blackjack Players Choice table game. All winning hands pay 1:1 at this table unless a tie is drawn. This pays 5:1! No splitting or surrender is permitted. Just the closest to 21 takes the winning chips home.
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Blackjack Players Choice table game is perfect for low-roller fun

It doesn’t get any easier than this game. Blackjack Players Choice table game gives you the choice to pick your own hand! No splits, insurance, or surrender can be used. The best hand is paid 1:1 for the total win. A dealer forfeit pays a generous 5:1 return!

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How about a different version of the card game where you have 5 choices of hands to select as your base hand. Tricky as it sounds, the Blackjack Players Choice table game allows you to choose the initial two cards from 5 pairs shown on the table. Of course you choose which chip to play at first.

The lowest of the bets start at 10 cents per chip. Pushing towards 100 dollars per chip, this is the highest chip stake allowed. You have two choices to select the first card. If the initial card doesn’t suit your mood, you may select another from the remaining pairs shown. After that you can then select the dealer card.

Since there is no splitting or surrenders allowed, the game is very simplified to decide whether you must stand or add another card to your hand. Often it can be a bust, however the dealer must stand on 17. If there is a tie the hand is evaluated and paid according to the strength of the two hands. You may win 5:1 for a tie payout, otherwise all wins are simply 1:1 pay for all wins.

Blackjack Players Choice online blackjack makes a clear choice for hours of fun. Place a bet and pick your cards. Any win is worth 1:1 on your bet played.
Blackjack Players Choice table blackjack always pays 1:1 for any win. Bonus pay for dealer forfeit pays 5:1!