Reach your limit and stand firm against the dealer in Blackjack

If you like the skill of having a card game that gives some rewards for being a skilled player, then this is surely the game you have to play. Hit, stand of just take the insurance for having a weak hand, you have to hand yourself a lot for being a real blackjack fan.
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Blackjack - online casino table game by NYX Interactive

Everyone enjoys playing this game, it’s all about trying to get the higher hand and beat the dealer with a hand as close to 21 as you can get without going bust. The real trick to blackjack is being as cool as it gets when you decide to stand on a strong hand.

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The rules are as easy as pie. You have to start with a hand that can reach as close to the numbered cards counting up to 21. You bet on the better hand that you hold based on how strong the hand is. Aces and royal face cards are the best start of them all and the rest is really the chance you might get the odds of beating the dealer. If the dealer has a stronger hand, (perhaps a king or ace) you might want to take the insurance that is offered from the dealer when they offer it in the check for a Blackjack. It doesn’t hurt and you still walk away with the insurance pay but lose your original bet you placed in the beginning. You can spit hands when you have a pair of the same face cards and also double-down if you know you have the dealer cornered. This game is all excitement when you get on a roll.

Get that good old fashioned casino feel with the game of 21 under your skin. Know how to roll ’em and know when to fold ’em but always go for winning hand.
Deal yourself a heck of a hand in blackjack every time.