Four chances for a Blackjack – Instant Win, can’t ask for more

Blackjack – Instant Win is certainly an interesting take on the entire blackjack genre of games. You get to take on the dealer with four hands against the computers one, in a straight deal game. A massive 100,000 coin jackpot could be won if you have the maximum wager selected.
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Blackjack Instant Win, 4x the chances all at once!

Given its title, Blackjack – Instant Win isn’t exactly a typical blackjack game. Instead, this Pariplay release is more along the lines of an instant win game like it sounds. It is played just as you would normally play blackjack, however, there are four hands to beat the dealer with, and each one is worth a specific instant win prize.

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Players can begin wagering from as little as 0.10 per hand. The chips also permit stakes of 0.50, 1.00, 5.00 and 10.00 too, with 40.00 being the most a player can wager in this instant win blackjack game. This is because players will pay for each of the four hands that they get, so the minimum bet is really 0.40!

Although the player gets four hands to play and to beat the dealer with, there is no standing or busting in this blackjack game. The player has four hands to beat the dealer and that is all there is too it. If you haven’t done it with the cards you have been dealt, then you haven’t done. It seems a bit harsh, but you are getting four hands after all!

It is a very nice idea, and certainly a new and unique way to play blackjack. However, by turning it into an instant win game where the player must pay for four hands, all they have really gone and done is get rid of the ability to stand or go bust. Still jolly good fun though.
Most blackjack lovers will enjoy this new take on the popular card game...