Serve yourself up to 5 hands in each round of this online blackjack

Some might say that Blackjack is better than Poker. In this case, you merely need to have the closest to 21 in order to win. Strategy couldn’t be so simple in order to win! Play the Blackjack table game for the chance to play up to 5 of them at one round at a time.
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Blackjack by World Match -- Multi-hand play, high-def graphics

Great hands start with a couple important things.  A lot of luck and counting to 21 correctly! In the Blackjack table game, you’ll play against the electronic dealer for odds to win the best hand dealt. Any hand can be played for real at only 10 cents per round.

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Forget playing the slot games for a while and do something that really counts. The Blackjack table game is the perfect answer for playing Blackjack all night long. The big plus here is having the table offer up to 5 hands per round! Classic plays include your best choices to win a round. Any hand allows Splits, double-up bets, and even take an Insurance bet if the dealer bullies you with a possible Blackjack. The best part is the stakes you can lay down. Starting with a 10 cent amount, the max wager is still only 5 dollars.

When both the Player and Dealer have a tie, this push is always a return on your wager. As long as you build a hand that doesn’t exceed 21, you’re in the running for a win over the dealer. A Blackjack win in the first cards drawn wins the pay according to your stake. This is paid 3:2 on any natural win.

Reach deep into your pocket to find that spare change in order to play some great hands of Blackjack. If you happen to be loaded, play each hand for a top 5 dollar bet.
Add up the wins using all the best tricks of Blackjack. Or just get really lucky!