5-hand plays in Blackjack Classic for the bigger winning deals

Imagine being able to split up to 5 hands with splitting aces allowed! In this Classic Blackjack game, wins pay 3:2 for Blackjack and insurance saves the day for a bad hand with 2:1 payout.
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Blackjack Classic: Suitable for low-, medium- and high-rollers

Everyone loves a game of Blackjack every once and a while. This is Classic Blackjack from NetEnt. Same rules of reaching 21 without going bust playing from a standard 52-card deck. Here splits are allowed with an ace split too with a maximum split up to 5 hands! And who doesn't like extra hands?

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Odds are you've tried Blackjack games before and liked the feel of winning. With the unique option to play up to 5 hands after making a split, these extra hands can all support their own wager.

Classic Blackjack allows you to hold cards, split, split aces, and double-up if you've got a hunch to win. When winning pay is part of the game you can count on the sure pay of 3 to 2 for all blackjack wins. Even insurance still gets a decent walk-out for bad cards at 2 to 1!

The rules are similar to other blackjack games whereas the dealer must draw on a 16 and stand on 17. Betting options start at a buck per hand up to 40 bucks per hand! Do the math for a second, that's impressive if you figure the splits up to 5 hands will end-up winning all. Plus, the double-up feature allows even bigger returns that go with the playing options! Get to it!

One nice thing about Blackjack Classic is the option to play low-roller, mid-roller, and hi-roller levels. There's even a setting for playing in fast play mode for quicker game action.
Get classic with Blackjack Classic from NetEnt anytime!