Big bets are all about Atlantic City Blackjack

All the thrill of normal blackjack but with some Atlantic City rules like double-downs on a 2 card hand, Pushes are always returned bets, and insurance is always offered if the dealer shows an ace with 2:1 payouts. Late surrenders are allowed and a healthy 3:2 payout for winning hands.
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Atlantic City Blackjack -- Table game by OpenBet

The entire concept is pretty much the same as any other Blackjack game except with some extra added rules. The goal is to beat the dealer getting closest to 21 as you can without going over. To start, you place your bet and you’re given 2 cards. The dealer gives their own 2 cards that you wage against. From that point you hit, stand, or double-down or split to see who will get the winning hand.

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In this game the standard blackjack rules apply but always follow these added playing rules. Players don’t lose their ˝Push˝ or a tie, the bet is always returned. Aces can be split just once but every other card can be split twice. Double-downs are allowed when you split your hand. No re-splitting is allowed though. Not like normal blackjack, in this game you can double-down on a 2-card hand. Insurance is always given when the dealer shows an ace in their hand. 2:1 is offered for insurance bets. The dealer always must draw where the total is 16 or less, but standing on 17 to 21 deals. and late surrenders are allowed in the game as well. Once the player has been dealt their hand the dealer shows their hand. Who ever has the higher hand wins the payout. If the dealer wins the hand, all bets are lost but is the player wins then the payout is according to the 3:2 payout ratio.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack for some real casino card game action. It’s all about the double-downs, splits, and high winning hits that makes this game hard to put down for long.
If you like Blackjack then let Atlantic City bring you back