Three hands playable in Black Jackpot Pro blackjack table game

No need to keep your pistol on the table while playing this game since the Black Jackpot Pro blackjack table game will keep you busy enough. With up to three hands to wager, the chances to win against this Dealer are better in any round played. Play all night long.
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Black Jackpot Pro -- with insurance option, wagers $1 to $100

When it comes to blackjack, there’s only one way to play it right. Playing just one hand isn’t enough here, you can play up to 3 hands in the Black Jackpot Pro blackjack table game. Roll with hands up to 50 bucks per round with a chance to win the Black Jackpot prize too!

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Put your best foot forward when you have up to 3 hands to play in the Black Jackpot Pro blackjack table game. This round of Blackjack is not exactly a gentleman’s game when it comes to the odds.

You’ll have to put some backbone into the stakes that make it worthwhile. Start with one dollar or up to a whopping 50 bucks per hand. This doesn’t count toward splits, as the double up is usually used when you know you have a strong enough hand against the dealer.

When an insurance offer comes up, you might need to consider a possible blackjack held by the dealer. Any natural Blackjack can be won in the first round, while you can win a Black Jackpot if the card suit holds an Ace and a Jack of Spades for extra winnings. Any draw (or push) is money returned to your balance, which is always nice. With any three hands played you can split when one or more hand holds double card suits.

Where do you stand in the game if blackjack? When the hands follow the number of three, you have double the chance to win even more. That’s better than nothing!
Black Jackpot Pro: Challenging and great for mid-roller blackjack players. This game is hot!