Play up to 3 hands in the Black Jackpot Privee table game.

Imagine yourself into the most exclusive gaming rooms and you might not find a game quite like the Black Jackpot Privee table game. All the best of blackjack with a special bonus win for landing the right blackjack cards. It’s as good as Blackjack ever gets!
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Blackjack with a bit of an edge on the Black Jackpot Privee table game.

Are you ready to take-on this exciting blackjack table? For hands that stand on their own, you have to play the Black Jackpot Privee table game. Hi-rollers will love to wager up to 500 bucks per hand while mid-rollers get great returns on 10 dollar hands.

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Don’t be afraid of trying your hand at playing three hands of blackjack at this table. Unless you like to play rough, this table offers high-rollers a day in the sun at 500 bucks per hand! Of course you can enter a hand with only 10 dollars as well. This classic Blackjack game allows splits, double ups, insurance, and also the setting to play three hands on this table at one sitting per round. Insurance is automatically offered if the Dealer has a possible blackjack. Take it or not, you might as well save yourself the shame of losing that wager altogether.

Split once in each hand that has matching cards shown. You can also double down on a split! Any instant win is the natural Blackjack, unless the dealer also lands a blackjack. This is a Push and all bets are returned. Each hand is played in turn so you don’t have to sweat too early in this exclusive game. Additional jackpot wins are awarded if you have an “A” or” J” on the Blackjack win, hence the jackpot part of the game.

Do you have the right kind of staking power to sit at this table. Sure you do, hands here start at just 10 bucks per piece. Win against the dealer who always stands at 17.
Black Jackpot Privee online casino table game: Want more from Blackjack than most people like to handle? Try this game!