Black Jackpot: Play up to three hands of blackjack simultaneously

Now is the best time to be a real gambler in the game of blackjack. At this table you can play 3 hands in-turn for a chance to beat this sly dealer. The Black Jackpot casino table game will allow the bonus amount won with the right combo of card suit.
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Black Jackpot online casino game -- Wager from 10¢ to $5 per hand

Bonus wins come in all forms of pay-out these days. Luckily there’s one game that allows blackjack wins to have a total twist. Combine the right Ace and Jack of Spades to win the Black Jackpot table game bonus amount. Even play up to 3 hands for each round as well.

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Mystery wins from the game of blackjack? What could be better! You’ll have to try the Black Jackpot table game to see how well you know how to build a winning hand.

All that is needed is a wager for each hand you decide to play. The minimum bet is 10 cents, while the max bet is 5 dollars. Use the chips to place your amount at each section where chips are added to the game. All the basic rules of Blackjack apply, including the Split, Insurance, and Double the bet. If both the dealer and player have a tie, it’s a push any you still get to keep your chips.

Insurance will pay 2:1 if you decide to take it. If this dealer doesn’t hold the Blackjack, you lost the insurance and the original bet at well. With three hands that can be played, each hand is played out until that single hand is finished. As long as you don’t go over 21, any cards played have an equal chance to beat the dealer. Special Blackjack hands with an Ace and Jack of Spades will win the Black Jackpot prize (only in real play).

Don’t like your hand, you just have to wait to see how the hand plays out. Whereas top wins of a Natural Blackjack can win big if that Spade combo comes around!
Only the real wagering players can win this Black Jackpot prize!