Combo game by NetEnt: B-I-N-G-O but "Keno" was its name, oh

This particular bingo instant win game is a little unusual in that it is more keno than bingo. But still, for an online casino instant win game, what are you expecting. If you like numbers and games of chance, it’s great, and players can win up to 1,000 coins with the jackpot.
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The Bingo instant win game – Grab your bingo here, or it is keno? Who knows…

You won’t find too many bingo games that are as unusual as this one. Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a bingo game, the paytable makes it seem very much more like keno than bingo. The only difference really between the two here, is that random numbers are scattered on cards, rather than you picking them yourself. So, it is more keno than bingo, really.

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Ticket prize are fixed in this bingo game. If you were hoping for an easy ride, with the wagering, you’ll be disappointed. Players must pay 2.00 per ticket, and they can have up to 3 tickets per game. This means minimum stakes of 2.00 per game, and maximum stakes of 6.00 per game.

As with any bingo/keno game, as soon as players get their tickets, and hit “buy” followed by “next”, the game begins. Players are going to hoping to land as many of the numbers on their ticket as possible. Unlike bingo though, you can’t actually win with a single line, and instead players have to cover all the numbers on their card.

The reason that it appears more keno than bingo related is because of the paytable. Unlike proper bingo, the player doesn’t need to land lines or bag all numbers to win. Instead, they are paid out from a paytable, depending on how fast they complete their card. The more balls that are left in the hopper, the better the win that the player will acquire!
Bingo online by NetEnt: A nice enough game, but it’s hard to see this one catching on...