Bingo Reactors: A scintillating combination of bingo, Bejeweled

Maybe one of the designers at OpenBet software decided to answer a metaphysical question – or perhaps he/she has a secret desire to produce hybrids through genetic engineering.
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Bingo Reactors - online bingo casino game by OpenBet Bejeweled

It was a matter of time before someone combined online bingo with Bejeweled-type games, and Bingo Reactors from OpenBet is that game. Colorful and fun, Bingo Reactors can even raise your bingo-centric vocabulary as well.

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In Bingo Reactors, only certain numbers are in play; the balls themselves are adorned with references to bingo slang, e.g. the 8 ball is graced with “one fat lady”, no. 11 sports a pair of “skinny legs,” and ol’ 21 is of course “the key to the door.”

After choosing a stake between 25p and £1000 per card, 25 balls fall into place in Bejeweled fashion; adjacent like balls disappear from the card as a payout, based on the number of balls and the value of the winning balls themselves (“sweet sixteen” is the highest-paying, for example).

And that’s about all there is to it … as the game itself wishes you in big bold letters, “Good Luck!”

Watch ‘em fall, watch ‘em drop, collect the cash and call out “bingo!” with the intriguing online casino game Bingo Reactors, now available for the playing at OpenBet-powered internet casinos.
Bejeweled and bewildered in Bingo Reactors online casino game from OpenBet