Bingo Fusion, a futuristic blend of bingo, keno and online casino game

Though more like keno than bingo, the online casinos call this one “Bingo Fusion,” so will run with it. However, keno players will be more at home in this casino game in terms of gameplay and wagering: Choose 15 numbers and hope as many as possible hit for max payouts.
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Bingo Fusion - online bingo by OpenBet

They call it “Bingo Fusion,” but it’s actually quite a bit more like keno; maybe that’s where the “fusion” bit comes in. In this futuristic-looking online casino game, pick a buncha numbers and hope the game matches at least five of your 15 choices to turn a profit.

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Wager between 10¢ and $1,000 (really) on a single game of Bingo Fusion. Fifteen numbers falling between 1 and 90 are chosen automatically for you – and if you don’t like the combo the computer sets, just hit “New Card.” And off goes the fusion generator, drawing 15 balls from the random stock.

Technically, three or more matches earns a payout, but you’ll need to get at least five correct to break even. Naturally, the more numbers of yours that come up, the higher the payout – all the way up to going 15-for-15 which earns a positively sick $5,000 on just a 10¢ bet, for example.

It’s keno, it’s bingo … it’s Bingo Fusion! This keno-like game is now available for the playing at all OpenBet-powered online casinos.
In Bingo Fusion, we like 1, 3, 9, 13, 20, 24, 33, 37, 42, 50 58, 77, 80, 88 and 69, dude!