Bingo Bonanza -- More of a scratch card, really...

A game that combines principles of bingo and online scratch cards, Bingo Bonanza invites you to match two balls for winnings.
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Bingo is a ball of fun with adaptations like Bingo Bonanza

A combination of bingo and online scratch cards, Bingo Bonanza is a fun enough game to have made it to made mobile casino formats already. Match two bingo balls to win -- the fewer you choose to get your pair, the more you win!

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Bingo Bonanza looks like bingo, but has more in common with scratch card or "pick 'em games." Choose one ball from the six you're given at the beginning of the game, then choose another. Match any two balls to win, but bonus multipliers come in if you don't need all six balls to do so.

So Bingo Bonanza isn't a bingo game; it's still a nice little diversion enjoyed on a cell phone or online.
Bingo Bonanza is one ballsy game