Beat the ball count earlier to win big in Bingo Classic rounds

Beat the ball caller in this online version of bingo. The Bingo Classic bingo game is about beating the odds of the total balls called. Win upwards of 10 grand if you play the max stake per game. Two setting make the rounds faster to see the final numbers called.
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Bingo Classic online game worth 10,000 top payout bucks

Grab your lucky charms and get ready to play the Bingo Classic online bingo game. Pick from 15 numbers on the board and set the stake to play. You need to beat the count from 90 balls called-out. Wins are awarded if your numbers match below 88 balls called.

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Those days of the old school bingo hall return in a cool new twist. Try for yourself the rounds of Bingo Classic online game. Select a stake amount beginning at 5 cents, clear up to a possible 20 dollar bet per round.

You may pick 15 numbers on the board, or use the new card button to have auto selections made for you. Pressing the Play button starts the round. The caller will announce the ball one by one unless you use the Turbo mode to speed it up. To see the results real-quick, press ‘Instant’ to see the end of the round.

If the numbers landing on the board cross-out your picks before it reached 88 balls, you win from the pay table amount. The stake set will change the amount earned, so higher bets always provide better results. Up to 10 grand awarded at max bets! Always thrilling for those who love to play bingo!

Bingo Classic online bingo game is a blast from the past with easy odds to win. Beat the number of balls announces and win big amounts!
Bingo Classic game returns to the retro bingo board for big wins!