Bill and Ted's journey - Instant win scratch card

Animated clips and sound from the original movie, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey makes Microgaming’s scratch card an instant win card game hit. The paytable is topped out with a 2500 multiplier for three of the portrait symbols of Bill & Ted.
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It may sound bogus but with a top out with a 2500 multiplier what's so bogus?

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Scratch Card by Microgaming is the card of choice for those who dug the 1991 American comedy, science-fiction film, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. The film was about a tyrant from the future who creates evil android doubles of Bill and Ted in order to eliminate the real Bill and Ted. Relive the jokes again with animated clips when you make a match with 3 of 6 character symbols.

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Make a stake and click “New Card”. Reveal all 9 squares at once by pushing the “Reveal All” button or else click on each box one by one for a slower more exhilarating play.

The Paytable is made up of multipliers the highest of which is 2500. Staking up to the highest amount, $10, players can win high rewards.
Films are sweeping Scratch Cards in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey