Big Foot casino game leaves no trace

Vegas Technology’s latest effort stars Sasquatch, you know, that mysterious beast living in the wilds of California who’s, um, rotund. And stupid-looking. Wait a minute...
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Don't get stepped on by the Bigfoot of the wild

This is a 5-reel 25-payline slot with a Big Foot substitute symbol and a footprint scatter, along with other images, that makes even adult people who have trouble drawing think they can do better. A Jewish-looking guy on the reels looks to be wearing a purple yarmulke while attempting to track down Big Foot with some kind of radio frequency device or else by cooking syrupy, buttered waffles over the campfire to attract him with the sweet scent. Everybody who’s anybody knows that’s exactly how to summon Big Foot, but who really wants to with virtually no audio and nothing worthwhile to look at? Okay, so I got 15 free spins and a bonus multiplier after discovering Big Foot in the woods, but you’d have to certainly be bored out of your gourd to play this one. Plus, I thought Big Foot was taller, scarier, and not quite so rotund and stupid-looking; for this Vegas Technology product, even the Neanderthals would rather rub sticks together in their spare time.

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Vegas Tech needs a revamp after producing another slot of pathetic proportions with graphics even a “not-so-artistically inclined” preschooler would struggle to create.

The scorecard for Vegas Technology for April 2010, then: One top-notch game (Jurassic Slots); one worth a couple of spins (California Gold); and two out-and-out losers (Big Foot and Butterflies).
Sasquatch-themed slot quashed by posh reviewer.