Just five decks in the shoe to help the player in Big 5 Blackjack Gold

Big Five Blackjack Gold has just a slight kink on regular blackjack, namely that only five decks (as opposed to the typical eight) are in the shoe.
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Fewer cards in blackjack with Big Five Jackpot Gold online casino game

Big Five Blackjack Gold is one of the newer in the Microgaming Gold line of table games, and is touted for improved playability and richer graphics. It's the same as regular online blackjack, except the shoe is much smaller: Whereas most online blackjack games tend to draw from an eight-deck shoe, Microgaming's Big Five Blackjack Gold has only five decks to better your odds a bit.

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Basically, it's standard blackjack: play with five regular decks of 52 cards in the shoe, shuffled before every hand. Attempt to score as high as possible without "busting" by amassing a total value of more than 21. If the dealer goes over 22 in his hand, player wins on that also.

In BIg Five Blackjack Gold, the dealer must hit soft 17, and blackjack beats any hand of value 21.

If you play online blackjack, you might want to give Big Five Blackjack Gold a try; fewer cards means easier guessing...
Big Five Blackjack Gold evens the odds a bit