Classic Norse legend of Beowulf returns, online casino-style

Being a Norse legend it is very fitting that a Scandinavian company designed this 5-reeled, 25-payline slot machine game. The jackpot is fair, the betting requirements just. The fast play option is much appreciated and a bonus bet feature, coupled with a randomly appearing Grendel-based free spins round is superb.
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Beowulf video slot – Defeat dragon, Grendel; walk away with bomb

Swedish online slot developers Quickspin have taken up the challenge to create a decent Beowulf themed slot game here. Always a tricky genre of slot game to produce (and often over produced), Quickspin’s Beowulf slot is very mystical, very fantastical and ultimately quite predictable. It does however have some cool and unexpected features.

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Quickspin’s Beowulf slot game will permit players to wager on just the slot game itself, or on the paylines plus the feature bet. The slot machine game can also be played via a fast play option which involves rapid bets, and rapid gameplay.

The Beowulf slot featured expanding wild symbols, and has a free spins bonus round called Grendel Attack, which can be triggered at any time, regardless of stake. The bonus game requires the player to defeat the Dragon using sticky wilds, but can only be triggered during the free spins bonus round. Doing so will award the player with yet more free spins to accumulate an even larger payout prize.

The graphics are very fantastical, although ultimately quite predictable. From a gameplay perspective though, Quickspin AB’s design of the slot, with the bonus features and such, make it one of the best Beowulf themed slots on the market for gamers to enjoy, and enjoy it they certainly will.
Beowulf online video slot game: Nothing tops a randomly triggered free spins bonus round!