Beer Fest: Three pick 'em games in one

Oktoberfest is the theme for this unique online casino game. Basically, it's just three different amusing games. Pick a winner for a multiplier of up to 5,000x in any of three rounds.
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This stein holds up to a 5,000x multiplier in just one gulp in Beer Fest

An Oktoberfest-themed game that basically strings together three "pick 'em" style games for one wager. Be amused for between $2 and $10 per play as comely beer wenches and traditionally-attired Bavarians amuse you for wins between 1x and 5,000x.

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Choose a wager between $2 and $10, which represents one round of play. One round represents one turn on each of three games: Beers All Round, Match the Munchies and Table Dance.

In Beers All Round, choose the drinker you think can pound more steins of beer; in Match the Munchies, find an identical dish to the one the buxom waitress is holding; and in Table Dance, choose one of four tables for Fritz to dance upon. If he finishes, you win.

Prize amounts are randomly chosen, between 1x and 5,000x the bet.

Have the lovely lady pour you a big stein before playing this colorful and fun series of pick 'em style games.
Prost! It's like Oktoberfest, but you can win money!