Beat the Bank online slot: One robbery of a game

One of three new games from the software developers this month, Beat the Bank is a bit of a disappointment with which to close out 2009.
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Beat the Bank

The real question is: Do players want to play at a slot where only the bare minimum was done from design to functionality?  Also, the picture is flawed with an annoying white band of missing color in the center of the slot.  This sloppy error is one reason why the new Vegas Tech slot game never should have been published in the first place.  It is neither a diamond in the rough worth pursuing nor a game with any promise at all. Beat the Bank online slot at least has a bonus feature and with 3 safes players can pick 1 of 2 vaults in its Beat the Bank bonus feature game.  Only one vault has the money.  The prize is doubled when players pick the correct one.  Players can win up to 1024 times the triggering bet.  The reels have architectural designs of the bank along with a bank robbing brute (actually when the bank robber works on the safe this video effect is half way decent) but the security guard looks more like he should be working in accounting than protecting a bank. Even under video surveillance, players will quickly find out, there’s not a whole lot to see.

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