Beach Ball Bingo: The most fun you can have with your clothes off

In a hilarious bingo variation, OpenBet casinos have graced fans with Beach Ball Bingo, a fast-playing variation set in the beach milieu and enlivened by some sweet graphics. Best of all, bingo players won’t even need the sunscreen … unless they’re enjoying the rays with a laptop, one supposes.
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Beach Ball Bingo - online bingo casino game by OpenBet at the beach

Has online bingo ever been as suggestive as in Beach Ball Bingo? Enjoy a little fun and frivolity on the beaches were clothing is optional and anything goes. Try to match your 15 numbers in as few draws from the 90-ball stock; the fewer it takes, the higher the payout!

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It’s a good news/bad news scenario in Beach Ball Bingo. The good news is that literally every card is a winner. The bad news is that most of the time, said “winnings” will amount to half your stake.

Here’s how it works. Bet between £1 and £1,000 on a single card – hey, that’s what it says here, but one has to wonder if anyone has ever wagered the upper extreme on Beach Ball Bingo – and hit “new card” if for some reason you don’t dig on the combination the goofy-looking hunk is holding up.

Bingo balls (in the shape of beach balls bouncing past scuttling sand crabs and a fun-loving couple perpetually chasing one another up and down the shoreline) are drawn and payout is determined by how many draws are required before blacking out a card of 15 numbers.

Top payout comes by filling up the card with 15-30 draws: The player may earn a crazy $100,000 on a $1 bet for getting this lucky. However, should the player require 81 or more balls to fill the spaces, he/she breaks even at best and probably only receives half your wager in return.

If you’re looking for the most outrageous cup size of any casino game mascot, check out the skinny-dipping heroine of Beach Ball Bingo. Call us perverse, but LiveCasinoDirect totally loves it when this impossibly stacked card girl holds up the number 69.
Fun in the online sun with the Beach Ball Bingo casino game