Blast from the past in Battleship: Search and Destroy slot game

Battleship: Search and Destroy is a video slot, with a classic theme. This 5 reel, 25 payline title is based on the hit board game, and contains a non-progressive jackpot of 5,000 coins, which can be won when a player lands 5 of the jackpot (game logo) icons on a payline.
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The Battleship: Search and Destroy video slot game– Can you sink their Battleship?

Battleship: Search and Destroy is exactly what you are thinking! Yes, this is a video slot that is based on the hugely popular board game. With some pretty nifty features, this title could have had the potential to be a really big crowd pleaser, but we’ll come to that! The graphics are a little bit dated, but not everybody is a graphics person. You may also even have the pleasure of shouting “You sunk my battleship”, if you win!

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So, how do you start wagering then? Well, the one thing you won’t be doing is choosing your coin values. These are fixed at 1.00 per coin. Players can wager up to 5 coins per payline, although the wagering setup here is not very flexible. Ultimately, your wager is going to fall somewhere between the minimum stake of 1.00 per spin, and the maximum wager of 125.00 per spin.

If the player lands 3 of the battleship icons on a payline, they will trigger the Battle Bonus. Yes, that is three on a payline, not three anywhere on the reels! That is pretty harsh for a bonus round, really. The Battle Bonus will allow players to choose either the Winning Encounter bonus, or the Sink the Fleet bonus. If you choose the first bonus, you will enjoy free spins. Players can have up to 100 free spins, with up to a 5x multiplier, but if either yours or your enemy’s ship is sunk, the free spins end. In the Sink the Fleet bonus, the player enjoys a game of Battleship, and if they sink 5 ships with only 8 missiles, they will win up to 16,000 coins.  The wild icon in this slot is the sonar icon, and it can appear as a stacked wild in this game. The wild cannot replace the bonus or jackpot icon.

Whilst the use of a jackpot icon is certainly a cracking idea, the scatter/bonus icon is seriously unfair. The idea of scatters/bonus icons is that you can accumulate them anywhere on the reels. You must have 3 or more on the same payline in this slot, so the bonus round is very hard to trigger indeed. This is very unfortunate because it taints what is otherwise a superb title!
Battleship: Search and Destroy -- An online slot game sunken by the silly rule regarding the bonus icon!