Bingo + Keno = Ballistic Bingo casino game with minimum wagers

In an interesting combination of bingo and keno in some online casinos, Ballistic Bingo is an action-packed number-draw game.
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A number-draw game, Ballistic Bingo incorporates keno with bingo

A unique game that's a sort of combination between keno and bingo. Start with eight bingo cards which are played out like normal bingo with balls drawn, and the number drawn crossed out on the cards in turn. The quicker each bingo card is completed, the bigger the prize.

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Start the game by selecting how many bingo cards you want, from one to eight. The bet per card can be 10, 20, or 50 cents, $1, $2, or $5. The player can allow select a speed of play.

The game will then begin drawing numbers one at a time and each is marked off should any of the player's cards have the drawn number. Make bingos to get a payout on the original bet; payout is determined by number of turns taken to complete each card.

Ballistic Bingo is a unique combination of keno and bingo games to produce a fast-paced game that's as cheap as 80 cents for eight cards.
Kinda like bingo, except you don't get to yell.