Baccarat: Popular for 500 years and counting

Baccarat is a typical table game you'll see at any online casino these days -- though there are two nearly completely different versions.
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Baccarat by Microgaming

Played since the 15th century, baccarat is a table game still popular today in land-based and online casinos. Today there are two distinctly unique forms of the game, roughly divided between European and American versions; the latter is mostly all luck, while some skill and strategy is involved in the European version. The house odds are decent in roulette, with a house advantage of about 3.5%.

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The object of the game is to get the hand as close to a value of 9 as possible. Aces are worth 1, face cards and 10s are worth 0 and all other cards are worth the points indicated on the card.

In the European version, players bet on either the hand-holder or the dealer to win the hand. In the American version, players are betting on themselves to win. Dealer and player each get two concealed cards and have the option to take a third card.

While there is some choice on taking a card or not in the European version, the American version has a set sequence of events and the player's play is basically predetermined, making it a game of luck.

Whether it's a game of skill (European version) or nearly all luck (American version), roulette remains a popular game in any casino.
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