NetEnt's Baccarat Pro Series: Take it to the bank

NetEnt's version of punto banco (a.k.a. American baccarat) is slick and nice-looking, making it one of the more popular such games in all of internet casino gaming.
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Baccarat Pro Series -- online Punto Banca game by Net Entertainment

Baccarat Professional Series is NetEnt’s take on the traditional mini baccarat (i.e. punto banco or American baccarat) game played between player and casino. Pick which hand you think will win or bet on a tie; the hand closest to nine in value wins.

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 It’s American baccarat, so punto banco rules are in effect. The shoe is comprised of eight 52-card decks. Place a wager on whether the dealer’s hand beats the player’s, player’s hand beats the dealer’s, or the result is a tie. To start a hand, press DEAL.

Number cards 2-9 count as face value, aces count for one point and all other cards are worth zero. If the value of the hand is 10 or more, 10 is subtracted. The value remaining is the hand value (for example, 13 becomes 3). The hand with a value closest to 9 wins. Hands of equal value are a tie, and neither hand wins.
After betting, the player and dealer each get two cards. If either player or dealer has 8 or 9, this is called a “natural” and both hands stand. Otherwise, a player hand valuing 0 through 5 gets a third card and stands on 6 or 7. 
The dealer draws a card if the player stands and the dealer’s hand is worth 5 or less. If the player has drawn a card, the dealer’s play is still automatic, but is based on a card of results. 
To think that James Bond's game has been reduced to this ... punto banco really does make for a sucky substitute for a classic, strategic card game.
Hit on five, stand on six, win on eight: Baccarat is wacky!