Take on player or dealer to win in the Baccarat Privee table game

When it comes to the game that even Kings and Queens are playing, the risk is minimal enough when you play the Baccarat Privee table game. The Dealer will take only a 5% commission for any win, while the Player can win 1:1 on any bet played.
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There’s only one way to play this game: Take your best guess, hope

Not even the game of Roulette can generate such a heart pumping moment when you play the Baccarat Privee table game. Max stakes allow up to 200 bucks, however with a low-roller opener of 10 dollars you can still afford to roll all night long. Go for it!

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Now the fun of the exclusive table game of baccarat isn’t just allowed at high-end casinos you might see in Monte Carlo. The Baccarat Privee table game can be played right here with excellent odds to win with any side chosen to play for.

Either the Dealer, or the Player need to have the highest count in order to win. All cards only need to be added up to win with very few exceptions. High face cards such as kings and jacks count as 10, but in the end only the last digit is counted.
There is also a tie that can happen which is considered the push, all bets are returned. Unless perhaps you have wagered a bet on a tie win, which will pay a generous 8:1 payout on any stake played.

The lowest bet per hand is 10 dollars, and this can be increased up to 200 dollars for a great high-roller effect. Try the trial demo game just for fun, or when you’re ready play for real money.

Are you a risk taker when playing the table games? You’ll have to challenge the cards at this table where any side still has the chance to win. Come and guess your way into big winnings.
Baccarat Privee online casino table game: No risk comes without thrills! Stake up to $200 max in a single hand!