Playtech's baccarat a bit livelier than the standard

For gamblers, Playtech's American-style baccarat is a step up from the low-skill game: Lots of side bets in this one!
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Baccarat by Playtech

Playtech livens up the American version of online Baccarat with lots of side betting opportunities possible. Get a pair and cash in for extra winnings in this one...

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Gameplay is the same as in standard blackjack. The winning hand is that which is closer to a value of 9. All face cards are worth zero, aces are worth 1, and all other cards are valued by denomination. If the total of the cards is over 9, the score is indicated only by the last digit, so a hand totalling 16 is scored as 6. Players may bet on whether the dealer's hand win, the player's hand wins or whether it's a tie result.

The side betting has to do with pairs: you may bet on whether the player or "banker" gets a pair with the first two cards dealt, or whether the first two cards shown form a pair for up to 25x payout.

If you dig side bets (or spins on baccarat; there ain't many possible), you'll love Playtech's version of Baccarat in its online casinos.
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