Baccarat Hi-Roller your lucky number

Two hands are dealt and you bet which one will win, no guessing games here. The higher hand wins so there’s never a dull momment. A bit like roulette, you play it like James Bond would, cool and classy. So easy that it’s the perfect game of choice next to slots.
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Baccarat Hi-Roller online card game - giving you hi-rolling action

Anytime you get the hi-rolling James Bond feel of gambling within you or simply love easy fast-action bets without the fear of knowing how to play a classy casino game,than this is the one for you. A little bit like roulette, you chose what you bet on and see the result. No hit, stand or, raise- It’s all about betting on the highest number to win big!

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Two card hands are dealt and the higher hand wins. You can bet on either hand played. One is the (banker) and the other is the (player) but there is not much difference to the names- they can be considered player one and two- so it makes it simple to play. Two cards dealt will add up to a number but in the end only the last digit counts. A 7 and a 9 wouldn’t be 16, it would be just 6. Ace cards count as one, and face cards including the 10 all count as zero.  There is also a third card rule that is the only exception to the game, but it’s easy to follow. You have 3 options to play, player- banker or tie. Player gets 1:1 payout, Banker gets 1:1 payout but with a 5% commission you pay back to the bank at the end of your game entirely. and the tie bet is 8:1 but is not so common in the game.

Play Baccarat Hi-roller by Openbet and live with the high-stakes excitement that is all part of casino stlye classy big wins! Never say Never to the game winning Baccarat Hi-roller!
Baccarat Hi-roller is one of a kind betting action