Microgaming's Baccarat Gold a slick take on the casino classic

The game that even James Bond might even be shy to play. Baccarat gold is something you may have luck with or simply be really good at playing. Either side you bet on can be the winner. If you bet on the Bank and win, the bank takes an additional 10% from your winnings.
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Baccarat Gold online casino game -- The gaming hall staple

Whether you like playing against the odds or just like the thrill of winning a hand, the game of Baccarat Gold table card hands are always a split decision. Play either the bankers hand or the player hand for an even money payout. It's more than a 50/50 shot to win!

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Strange as it may be the hands dealt in the Baccarat gold table game are rather hard to imagine at first glance. Once you decide the level of wagered chips to play for either the Banker or Player, you should decide which kind of bet to place. You can bet on hands that hold pairs on either side, and even a tie between the Banker and Player. All that is required to win is a hand that is higher in the end. Suits  and 10's count as Zero, and all numbers up to 2-9 are counted.
If you have a hand that lands an 8 and another that is a 2 this will add another card. The 3rd card rules vary so you can also check the playing info. Play from 5 dollars per hand up to a max of 500 bucks. With as many as 10 hands to play this might be a very wild night for prospective wins you may land! At a glance you can look at the playing info from either the Roadmap or Player history to see how you've done in each round.

One nice added touch to this Baccarat game is that you can flip the card, rotate them and take a peek before it's flipped. More interactive than you would expect!
Baccarat Gold online casino game: Unlike any other card game you might have played before!