Place your Baccarat bets for making the number nine big money!

More fun than a barrel of monkeys and better odds at winning too! Baccarat is as easy as it gets with excellent graphics provided from Betsoft. Bet on either the player, banker, or even the tie bet...
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Great fun for hours with a big splash of slick and rich guesswork.

What's a game a Baccarat without thinking of James Bond? Well we shouldn't always look at that fact. Thankfully Betsoft has created quite a thrilling version of Baccarat which is as rich and moody as any serious player might like. Bet any way you like, it's still a game of chance.

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Win or lose or go between to play it safe. The rules of Baccarat are not as hard as you think. The main event starts with your wager with the hope that either the player or the banker will win. It's up to you to choose. Since the Banker pays a ratio of 1 to 1 with a 5% commission, the pay can be lower. Betting on the player is the best bet a 1 to 1, though the banker bet may have a slightly higher paying average even with a 5% commission being take.

This is due to the 3rd card rules. Playing it safe for a tie bet will still bring-in 8 to 1 so this pays the worst odds and should only be used when you feel it's going to be a loss anyway. There's no need to calculate the card rules since this version does all the computing for you. Simply count which hand is closer to 9. All face cards end up being zero so the number is what really counts here. Have a blast either way! And even with this game being so popular with 007, you don't have to be a super spy to win at it.

No need to be employed to the Queen's Secret Service, this elegant game of Baccarat is set up for anyone who like to be dangerous in their bets.
So different than other games, Baccarat remains in style...