Colorful fruit chain reactor science with explosive fruit pods

Atomic fruit pods contain four colors and four icons in OpenBet's delightful, chain-reactor casino game. The king grape gives the maximum payout of 10240. To win any amount match one or more and win up to 256 times for top combination win.
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Atomic Fruit chain reactor casino games

There are 2560 ways to win in Atomic Fruit chain reactor game by OpenBet with each atomic pod containing a color and 4 icons. Match any icon in each pod on a win line to win an explosion of cash. Group colors of 7 plus pods for a reaction, reactions increase the multiplier which multiplies future wins. Extra chain reactions and explosive wilds add to even more ways to win. A jackpot is also available but only in real play.

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Bet between £0.01 and £25.00 per line for a total stake of £250.00 per atomic fruit drop, play in auto play or one click at a time. Fast and exciting music will keep players pushing for as many fruit reactions as they can get.

Win multipliers are another big explosive part to Atomic Fruit casino game. 7 or more matching colored pods connected either horizontally or vertically create a reaction with the highest, 16 pods paying out with a 1000x multiplier. Multipliers decrease from 16 down with 15 pods paying out 500x, 14 paying out 200x, 13 pods paying out 100x all the way to the least of a 7 pod payout.

All icons used up in a reaction are replaced by new icons that drop from the top and any new symbols that form another combination win the multiplier increases in value by 2x, then 3x and so on.

The number 7 icons are the jackpot symbols in Atomic Fruit and 4 on a win line qualifies all players for the progressive jackpot. It can only be won once per cash-play and multipliers do not affect jackpot totals.
It’s a rainbow of orbiting, multiplying atomic fruit reactions for casino cash.