Dive down for loads of underwater adventure spins in Atlantis slot

Not quite as hokey as Seaquest: DSV yet somehow I think someone at B3W is thinking this isn’t a bad idea. Sunken stars? Hmmm, you decide... You can expect there is sunken treasure here with at least 50 thousand coins to bring-up if you are really lucky. Don’t worry it’s still just a game. Enjoy!
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Atlantis video slot -- 25-payline online casino game

What’s going on here: Atlantis like you’ve never seen it before! With an unexpected cast of fishy creatures and even fishier concept for the crew, you can expect some unexpected wins too! With a 50,000 coin payout, this is the one dive you can come up richer from in the end.

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Geez, I wish they could have made up a better crew that goes down with this weird Atlantis slot game. Pamela Anderson, Mr. T, and Robert De Niro? Good god, who’s writing this stuff?

The icon symbols are kind of cheap-looking except for the lanternfish. I’m guessing they decided this was good enough to include as well. As far as the extras it’s time to mention those as well. This has 25 paylines which can be played for as little as 5 cents a pop. That’s not too shabby considering you have a minimum to play with.

The wild here is a simple letter A. It acts as the substitute. I guess it stands for Atlantis but perhaps it also means another thing. The only bonus game here is when 5 whale symbols roll over the reels. It’s rare as you can imagine but not impossible. If you do like underwater themed slots this one is a very good starter on your course of seafood slots.

Strap on your hip waders -- things are gonna get wet real soon here if you don’t win something. Actually, with the minimum coin value wagered you can still get some great hits.
The sea is a wonderful place full of washed up celebs too...