Atlantic City Gold-Multi Hand Blackjack, for the elitist of Blackjack players

The payout for Blackjack in Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Multi-Hand is 3:2 while all other pays are paid out at 1:1. Win big money playing a variety of Blackjack games with a directory that knows how to track them all down and put the best in one locale.
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Atlantic city gold - multi hand blackjack

How much fancier can Blackjack get with Atlantic City Gold Multi Hand Blackjack. We’re talking all the bells and whistles. In Multi Hand Blackjack, Atlantic City Style Gold, there is a combination of 8 combined decks of 52 cards used for each game. Another added element making the game unique is an extra four hands giving more ways to win.

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It’s a luxurious way to play and the Atlantic City Blackjack Gold strategy and rules are easy to follow. Simply follow the regular Blackjack rules for playing and try to score 21 without going over and busting. The usual rules apply: an Ace fills in as either 1 or 11; the Dealer will always stand on 17; if there is a tie there is a push and a new hand is dealt.

It’s a stylish variation of Blackjack, Atlantic City Gold Multi-Hand Blackjack and overall is just a great game for the elite of Blackjack.
Play Atlantic City Blackjack Multi-Hand Gold in instant mode and play for either real or for fun money.