Atlantic City: Where the dealer stands on 17

Atlantic City is another variant on blackjack with a few extra rules in play, like dealer standing on soft 17.
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Atlantic city - blackjack

A blackjack variation, Atlantic City Blackjack plays out roughly the same but with a few extra rules: -- The dealer always stands on 17. -- The dealer checks for a blackjack when showing 10, face card or ace. Surrender is possible if dealer shows a 10. -- Up to three split hands are possible. A split ace plus a 10 is not equivalent to blackjack. -- Doubling down is allowed after splits. -- Player can only hold a maximum of 11 cards in one hand.

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Aside from a few extra rules, Atlantic City Blackjack plays the same way as standard blackjack: Player gets two cards face up; dealer gets one face up and one face down. If dealer shows a 10, face card or ace, he/she checks for blackjack.

If the player wants another card, he/she may press HIT to receive another or STAND to stay with the dealt cards. If player draws two identical cards, he/she can split them for double the bet, making two hands. Going over a value of 21 is a bust.

Atlantic City blackjack -- and some multi-hand versions of the same game -- is available in most reputable online casinos.
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