These reels turn to the melodrama of another soap opera scene

It all goes down at the El Paradiso casino in Las Vegas, where the money flows freely under the auspices of uno ragazzo known simply as The Don. Like all online slots, As the Reels Turn 3 is designed to keep players coming back; in this, Rival Software is certain to succeed brilliantly.
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As the Reels Turn 3

Now this, LCD dares say, may well be the standard to which future iSlots may be held. Set firmly within the soap opera milieu,  your pantheon of turning characters for episode three includes – but is not limited to ambitiously deadly serious Matt G., gobsmacked Danny, former tennis pro Jamie, sultry Vanessa, troubled bunny-eared Foxy, Mrs. Livingston (wasn’t that a Simon and Garfunkel song?), WILD cat Pampers, and an apparent piranha-koi crossbreed named Ivan.  Scene one is entitled, “Maybe We Should Have Lunch,” an obscure reference only made clear once you trip the bonus. Once tripped, up pops a neat little video game-in-game involving supplying some assistance to the reportedly sartorially-challenged Danny for his date with Jamie. She dug my pimped-out outfit for the boy to the tune of 750 coins, but they’re going to play tennis ... who understands women?

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Every slot player's favorite soap opera continues with a standard-setting part three.

Cheesy and corny as storyline and jokes are in As the Reels Turn 3, the addiction level is high with good payouts, and the scenes provide a nice, natural brief break from gameplay.
As the Reels Turn 3 is yet another chapter in the online slots universe’s own daytime melodrama.