Apocalypse Cow: Francis Ford Coppola's favorite online slot?

Cows in 'Nam ... what will they think of next? No matter. Another in the line attempting to capture the "UK pub feel of these entertaining fruit machines," Apocalypse Cow hides a 50,000-coin payout. Not to mention something called "The Meatrix."
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Apocalypse Cow online slot game, featuring bovines in Vietnam

Touted for its brilliant graphics and sound effects, Apocalypse Cow seeks to go old school in recapturing the "UK pub feel of these entertaining fruit machines" and is an AWP machine with the traditional hold and nudge (ah, the days of the nudge in British pubs...) features on the typical lapper-style feature board.

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This 3-reeler boasts what the beefy one calls its “3-in-view” feature: The reel bands are overlaid with the winning T-bone steak symbol. (Sudden thought: Isn't that a tad cannibalistic? Guess 'Nam was a bit tough on the bovines as well, eh?) When all three reels carry the steak symbol, a bonus feature is launched: Enter the lair of Moo-lon Brando (why, o, why do cows elicit such particularly bad puns?) and his 14-position lapper board with three shot pots for features, cash and win spins.

Moo-ove around the lapper replete with great opportunities and gnarly obstacles by rolling a magic fourth reel that has numbers from 1 to 12. And check out the new bonus squares all the better to award special prizes with.

God, I love the smell of sesame seed buns in the morning...
The biggest fear when cows go to war? Lethal puns!