Holy Smokes, Angel Slot can produce wins for just pennies played!

From the looks of it, those golden gates aren't too far from sight. The Angel Slot isn't going to deliver the goods so easily, so you should make sure that stakes cover at least the 5 coin minimum in order to score god-like wins for any winning combo. Be sure to pray too!
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Soar like the birds in the Angel Slot worth up to 2000x bet

From the most heavenly of slots comes a different kind of sin you might already know. Angel Slot might give you wings thus Red Bull may give you longer playing power. Try both while playing this slot which can be worth 2000x the top jackpot awarded. Let the sinning spins be the judge!

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It doesn't take an angel to be good at playing a 5-reel slot. In fact, the chances of earning your golden wings might just be from being a spin devil or sorts. The Angel Slot is so impressive that is even has a Halo over the pull lever and wings spreading out from the back side of the slot itself. Give this angel a break, it just takes 10 cents up to 2 dollars per coin. There's only 5 paylines so a minimum is still only 50 cents per spin. With all 5 coins wagered the jackpot can produce a 2000x jackpot when all 5 shining star icons are landed.

Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, it's only a matter of time before this slot can make you a true believer. Heavenly spins are fast and smooth with little or no gremlin activity to keep these wings flying high. Come and get saintly with Angel Slot spins which might just give you those golden wings after all.

Don't lose your faith if you haven't won yet, for your faith will be tested in the Angel Slot day of judgment! Try the free play here to test this slot for a possible glimpse of heavenly rewards. Then spin like a bat out of hell!
This online slot doesn't have anything to do with that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spinoff TV series, does it? Because David Boreanaz and his character both suck bricks. Just wanted to get that out there...