Vegas Tech's take on the classic table game

This one is Vegas Technology's take on American roulette, the even wickeder version of "the Devil's Game." That evil extra 00 space means you may be losing a tad more often...
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Online casino table game by Vegas Technology

Vegas Technology's American roulette game is naturally just as popular in its online casinos as it is in real life, i.e. one of the biggest table games in any outlet.

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The roulette table features many ways to bet on the outcome of the next spin of the roulette wheel, which will be a number from 1 to 36 -- or 0 or 00 in American roulette. Place bets by clicking the mouse in the appropriate spaces for odd/even; 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12; red/black; on individual numbers; and the like.

The unseen virtual croupier then spins the wheel and rolls a little digital ball 'round it; eventually the ball will land in a slot on the wheel. The number and color in which it lands are the winners.

Make a deal, then spin the wheel -- no wait, that's Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Les jeux sont fait! That's the ticket.
"Always bet on black." -- Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57