American Roulette table game, Big spins and massive wins

American Roulette is a typical roulette table game with absolutely superb graphics. All your usual bets can be placed in this title, which has fair rates, and a broad wagering range.
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American Roulette is available for you to play in sparkling 3D graphics

This title is very similar to the French Roulette game, recently released by the same developer. The biggest difference really is the addition of the double-zero to the game. Graphically this game is brilliant and there is no difference between this and the French Roulette game.

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At its cheapest, players can expect to wager 1.00. The maximum wager is fixed at 500.00 per spin. As you can imagine then you can wager pretty much whatever you want in this table game.

There is a downside to playing American Roulette over French Roulette. The downside is that you must play with the double zero (00). This does gives you a lower chance of success as the casino has a slightly higher house edge than if there was only a single zero. American Roulette works in pretty much the same way as any other roulette game in every other area. You can bet on the first 12, second 12 and third 12, 1-18, 19-26, Odds, Evens, Reds and Blacks and much more. It always helps to know a bit about the game and how the bets work before you wager.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, you will notice that there are Hot and Cold boxes. These two boxes will tell you which numbers have been appearing frequently and which ones have not. It may prove to be quite useful in determining how you may wish to wager next. The only negative in this game is the higher house edge.
This is a fine roulette game and very enjoyable but be sure to watch that double zero