Play roulette the American way

American roulette is just slightly different than European roulette, but with big consequences: The extra zero on the American wheel gives the house nearly double the advantage of the European version.
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American Roulette -- The traditional table game from Microgaming

One of the oldest games to still be considered a staple in reputable casinos, roulette is among the most social -- and has the lowest skill requirement -- among all table games. The American version differs from the classic European version in that the former has the extra "00" space on the wheels: A difference that gives the house a further 2.6% advantage.

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Roulette is a very simple game. Before the ball is dropped onto the spinning wheel, wager as much as you want on various occurences: Bet on whether the number the wheel lands on is red or black; odd or even; in the first third, second third or third third of numbers; and some other combination bets.

The croupier drops the ball on the wheel, it eventually lands on one of the 38 numbers and that's your winner!

American roulette: One wheel, 38 numbers, hundreds of ways to bet on every spin...
Spin the wheel, make a deal!