It’s winner takes all in American Roulette Lo-Roller

Just what is this little game all about anyway? This is modified to the lower betting person who just likes to play with some ’Loose Change’. Don’t worry too much about the economy right now, it’s meant to be played with a real American Style gaming strategy.Get the wheel spinning for less than it normally takes.
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American Roulette Lo-Roller - online table game by OpenBet

What the heck is this game all about? Here is the game modified for the economic struggle-minded who just like to play for some ’Spare Change’. Even if you’re not too worried about the economy right now this game is meant to be played American Style. It’s good old American Roulette time!

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You can imagine the American Roulette is different than European Roulette for a couple of reasons but the first noticable sign is that there is an extra Double Zero in this playing wheel. It raises the odds just a pinch but still offers the sam exact experience that the wheel will provide for long hours of Vegas themed roulette plays. Get you game started with a generous bet which as you have now seen is budgeted for less than the average roulette table, this is why it’s Lo-Roller so your money can go farther in the long run. Still play red to black, odd and even, numbered blocks and so on. Even if you feel lucky you can still do the splits up to 6 ways in this game with great odds of recovering a portion of your original bet on the winning if it falls in the area you chose.

Bet your chips like a real big spender in this budget-nminded version of American Roulette. You’ll like the way it stays within the budget while you can make some big wins as well.
Select you numbers with a selective roulette game for penny-pinchers.