Spin the ball for All-American fun with Roulette

Jump into the party pool of great roulette plays for this hi-roller version of American Roulette. If you’ve got what it takes to run this table, then now is the time! Make your bets, bouble-down then let the good times start to roll. Across this board you’ll find all the odds are in your favor by just taking the chance of a lifetime.
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American Roulette Hi-Roller - online table game of America by OpenBet

Get into the spirit of great roulette plays in this hi-roller version of American Roulette. Do you have what it takes to rule the table? Place your bets, bouble-down and let the good times roll. Anywhere on the board you’ll find the odds are in your favor by placing the chips (whatever your bet may be) and get this game into action!

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Like most roulette tables you have all the easy picks that are usually two choices. Red and Black, Odds and Even, numbered sets. Zero and Double Zero (a favorite for American Roulette) and then the numbered splits. Theses allow you to split the groups of numbers so if the ball happens to fall in that number block, you’ll still get a payout that keeps you in the game. Inside and outside bets, either way it’s all about the spread across the board. Great animation keeps you in the winners circle for plenty of hours of fantastic thrills just like the real casinos can offer. Be the Hi-roller and big spender on this version, you’ll see the reason that roulette is the perfect way to go with chances of big payouts if you like to play the numbers with smart stategy. Reap the rewards of a chance bet for just red or black and see what you fortune may hold.

Play the game that’s total fun for anyone who love the excitement of roulette and unexpected wins. Play with smart thinking and spread those bets far and wide for better odds at bigger wins.
Feel All- American with plenty of straight forward roulette spins.