Win up to 20 hands per game playing with All-American multi-hand Poker

Get your hands into the game that allows a whopping 20 hands to be played in one game. There are great combos that can be selected like the double of nothing button: ’Gamble’, and it allows you to play the dealer at a game of higher card wins for some great winnings as well.
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All American Multi-hand Video Poker - OpenBet powered online casino game

It’s the deal of the century! Come and play the game that alows up to 20 hands in one game. It is very American to the extreme. Try to win each hand against the dealer with the outcome of odds greater than any other game out there! So go on and give yourself a big hand!

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You’ll start this multi-hand game by deciding how many hands you want to take on. If it’s all 20 then you’re in for some serious card playing for a good long time. You need to place independent bets for each hand so the variables can be the same or be a big spender and bet the farm as much as you like. All hands are counted at the end of the round. Each game is played with one deck and is reshuffled after each game dealt automatically. The game is traditional poker and you win from a typical 5 card hand. If you want to change a card you click on the cards you do want and then press: Deal. Use the Autohold feature for holding cards that will make a wins possible for each hand. Anything that is worth holding will be held. The gamble button doubles your bet during a game.

This is the extreme game that anyone who is All-American should play. It’s got the card plays full of chances to win win over the dealer so you can really bust the house on this one!
Hands-down this is the best version of multi-hand ever played.