American Idol gets the online slots treatment in American Icon game

Unfortunately, general badass Simon Cowell does not put in an appearance in the American Icon online slot game based on the TV show which brought him to fame, but all the other hallmarks of the Idol are here.
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American Icon online slot game based on American Idol TV show

Spinning off the overwhelming (and frankly, in LCD’s opinion, well overblown) popularity of the reality/entertainment show “American Idol” and its British mother programme “Pop Idol” comes “American Icon,” a game LCD can’t help but think got slightly short-shrifted on the concept.

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LCD has always found American Idol more than overrated with its (let’s face it) mostly second-rate talents, most of which are worth maybe a generous footnote in the pop-culture history of the ‘00s. In fact, like fellow notable Brit TV export "The Weakest Link," much of American Idol’s early and subsequent success can be credited to the host. Question: Couldn’t we have had a crack or two from a Simon Cowell figure in American Icon? While the design of American Icon is nice enough (and the starry blue singer symbol is just gorgeous), most of the elements of superstardom portrayed here are simply too static: C’mon, a top ten singles list? (With downloading so prevalent, does anyone even read those anymore?) Signing a contract? And like the honestly boring symbols, LCD found just not enough happening in American Icon to keep long interest -- kinda like the show itself. Maybe Vegas Technology could rework this as an iSlot with bonus rounds; take a lesson or two from “Guitar Hero,” guys. LCD rating: Somewhere between William Hung and Jordin Sparks.

So maybe you won't ever make the cut for a season of "American Idol," but you can feel free to spin the reels of American Icon to live the thrills of the show.
Simon (Cowell) says: American Idol-izers will dig this online slots game.