Felines gone bowling? This online slots game is for cat-lovers...

It's another bizarre juxtaposition of two distinct themes in a Microgaming online slot game. The Alley Cats slot features felines going bowling in ever-so-cute ways.
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Alley Cats online slot game by Microgaming software.

Combining the motifs of bowling ("Alley," get it? Alley! Hilarious, right?) and cartoon felines, Alley Cats is a fairly standard 5-reel 9-payline game that makes for a slot game triumph ... if you’re a kitty cuddler.

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For non-cat lovers, the concept of Alley Cats doesn't quite get off the ground. Seriously, how can you have a kitty kegler theme without the absolutely essential bowling shirts? Where are those gaudy yellow-and-greens and pink-and-purples with stitched logos reading Four Kool Kats or Pins & 'Nip? And if you’re doing the bowling thing, why the garbage cans coming up on reels. The best graphic in this game? The cute little high-paying Chihuahua all tied up and serving as a pin. More of that, please. Acoustically speaking, the music is subpar but some of the sound effects are great: The purring cat sounds excellent on proper speakers, and one wonders what sort of sound the jackpot makes. And with Alley Cats’ truly loose feel, plenty of time can be had before busting to hit the big score. LCD rating: 4/10. But for felinophiles and/or those who worship mighty Bubastis for the luck-bringing qualities of kitty kitty kitty, 9/10.

The top payout on a single spin in the Alley Cats online slot game is 10,000 coins: Now that's a lot of kitty litter.
Alley Cats online slots game: Nine lives, ten bowling pins...