Video poker with a red, white and blue twist

If you're looking for a video poker variation but can't stand wild cards, All American Video Poker is the game for you.
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Play patriotic with All-American, video slot Poker

A video poker game that theoretically pays out at over 100% if played correctly, All American adjusts the pay table for different results on winning mid-range hands.

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Play works in similar fashion as any video poker game: A standard 52-card deck is used; player is dealt five cards, from which the player can hold as many as he/she wishes or can replace the rest with new cards from the deck. The major difference in All American video poker comes in the payouts.

To wit: flushes, straights and full houses all pay out at 8/1, while high pairs and two-pair hands both pay at 1/1. In theory, this puts total payouts at over 100% if All American is played properly...

Remember to check the paytable before playing; the most common paying hands now pay a bit differently.
All American video poker: More than 100% payout