Salute All American video poker!

All American video poker is a common riff on standard video poker with a tweaked paytable that really spreads the wealth and -- hey, that's un-American!
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All American - poker

All American Poker is a more familiar variant on video poker that's been around since the one-armed bandit days. There are no wild cards and no jackpot hands and the payout system is a bit different than on the standard paytable. In short, full houses, flushes and straights all pay the same. Two pair is a slightly lower pay out as well. While this version takes some guesswork out of the draw, it also pays less in the short-term and well more on high hands.

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Gameplay in All-American Poker is essentially the same as in any video poker. Wager between one and five coins to be dealt five cards. You get one draw, in which you can take zero to five cards to build your best poker hand. Press the HOLD button to hold cards; otherwise, they are discarded.

Hands valued at a pair of jacks or better win.

It's stars and stripes and payouts all over...