It’s All-American video poker, with 50 hands to play with, no less!

All-American – 50 Hand video poker offers gamers 50 hands to play on, all of which can be played for low stakes if you desire. There is a vast amount of money to be won in this title, and players can win up to 250x their stake, for a Royal Flush, per hand!
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All-American 50-Hand video poker – Simple game multiplied by 50

All-American 50 Hand is a video poker game. This particular video poker game allows players to wager on up to 50 video poker hands at once. This video poker title comes equipped with 5 betting levels, and players can win on any numbers of hands that they play with. This makes the experience offering by All-American 50 Hand quite a unique and interesting one.

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Gamers wishing to play All-American –  50 Hand, must first choose their coin value. These coin values that range from 0.01 up to 0.20. From here, players also have five betting levels to choose from, which alter the minimum and maximum wagers from 0.50 up to 50.00 per game.

Rather obviously, when playing 50 hand video poker games, you cannot turn off the number of hands being used. But to be honest, why would you want to? Players have one main hand that they in control of, and the cards that you hold, will then be transferred to every single other hand, in the game. So you will end up with 50 hands, all with the same cards initially. The new cards that are dealt will then be different for every single hand that is used in the game. Ultimately, all of the hands that you acquire will then be matched against the paytable to the left of the screen, to give you your final winnings.

We’re not quite sure why this particular video poker game is called “All-American”, as other than a pair of American flags in the upper right hand corner, there is precious little concerning America in this video poker title. The title aside, there is nothing else odd about this video poker game at all, and it is a real treat.
Great video poker fun, with a total of 50 hands playable...