Get patriotic jackpots worth 4000 coins in All American poker slot

Be proud of where you happen to live, but be sure to dream of the freedom that America shares. All American video poker needs only small amounts for any wager used, no matter what playing level you select. The highest level always pays the best return coins.
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All American video poker with 5 levels of wagered bets

Fly your American flag in a whole new manner using the All American video poker hands. Using a unique 5 level wager setting, you can increase wins to pay the max amount on any winning hand. Wins worth 4000x the amount for a Royal Flush!

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From the distant shores of the land covered in freedom is the game everyone can salute! All American video poker rounds starts with a simple wager to play. Use the coin denominations between 10 cents up to $2.50 per selected level desired.

The max level uses $12.50 per round, however winning combos increase the return to pay the highest amount allowed. With Jacks or Better and higher, the card pay table shows you the approximate amount you may win With a Royal Flush it is possible to win 4000x the stake used in that win.

All cards shown in the first draw may be selected by pressing the hold button directly under the card. Automatic card combos are held for you, increasing the chances of a bigger win on the final turn. The dramatic red, white, and blue flag colors added to the theme of the game make this the perfect freedom symbol for collective wins overall. Enjoy.

All American online video poker provides personal fun for both profit and thrill seekers alike. Stake some hands to win big possible wins today.
All American video poker salutes freedom of matching jacks or better!